EQU (Equation)

EQU (Equation) is the native token of Equation, with a maximum supply of 10 million, 100% of which is generated through position mining, liquidity mining and referral mining, rewarded to community users. The initial daily emission of EQU is 10,000 (this figure can be adjusted via DAO, but can not exceed 10,000). EQU holders earn 25% of the protocol’s trading fees by staking.

How to Earn EQU

  1. Hold contract positions. Allocate 40% of the total daily EQU emissions.

  2. Provide liquidity to contract trading Pools. Allocate 29% of the total daily EQU emissions.

  3. Provide liquidity to the EQU/ETH pool (full range) on Uniswap, then stake EQU/ETH LP NFTs on Equation. Allocate 20% of the daily EQU emissions.

  4. EFC Member NFT holders can create referral codes and earn rewards based on the proportion of the referees’ contract positions or contract LP positions. Allocate 10% of the total daily EQU emissions.

  5. EFC Connector NFT holders can mint Member NFT and earn 10% of its EQU rewards. Allocate 1% of the total daily EQU emissions.

Staking Model

Users can stake EQU directly or stake EQU-ETH LP NFT from the Uniswap EQU-ETH pool (full range). In return, they receive veEQU on a 1:1 basis, which is a non-transferable token. This token entitles its holders to a share of 25% of the protocol’s trading fees and also grants them governance rights. The amount of trading fees earned depends on the proportion of locked tokens [1] and the length of the lock-up period.

Multiplier: The longer the lock-up period (30, 60, 90, 180, 360 days), the higher the multiplier (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x respectively).

After each lock-up period ends, the system will automatically re-lock for the same period (e.g., after a 60-day lock-up period ends, it automatically re-locks for another 60 days). However, the first 7 days of the new lock-up period is an "unlocking period," during which users can freely unlock. If they miss the current unlocking period, they will have to wait until the end of the current lock-up period to access their tokens again. Earnings during the unlocking period are still distributed according to the earnings of the lock-up period.

*[1] For EQU-ETH, the proportion is calculated as the number of EQU in LP Token at the time of locking.

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